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This website is for buying HUD homes

for sale in Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.


The best deals on Cincinnati homes right now are foreclosures, REO’s and re-possessed homes.  Many of these homes are currently for sale in the Cincinnati area by HUD.  We can help you search for homes, visit them for a tour, make offers and complete a successful purchase. 


Not all HUD homes are on the MLS.  For the best most up to date inventory


Search Homes here: HUD HOMES


HUD homes are homes that had government insured loans before they were foreclosed.  You must have a licensed agent place the offer.  As YOUR licensed agent, we set the appointments to get you inside the HUD homes, and then place the offers for you. 


Best of all it cost you nothing because HUD pays us, Not You!


We represent you and your interest, and will always put you and your interest first!


National Home Management Solutions (NHMS) is the company HUD uses to sell their inventory of homes.  We have a good relationship with them and are knowledgeable, skilled and experienced with their procedures and forms.  We can assist you every step of the way to make sure your purchase of a HUD home goes smoothly.


HUD is the National Department of Housing and Urban Development

Shaun Donovan is the current secretary of HUD.


As the nations housing agency HUD is responsible for sustaining home ownership, creating affordable housing opportunities and supporting those who need it the most including the elderly, homeless, low income, and people with disabilities.  They also enforce the fair housing laws and promote community and economic development.  They have many programs.  For more information visit: and


The Cincinnati HUD office is located at 632 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202  Phone: (513) 684-3451,  Fax: (513) 684-6224
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday


HUD sales are unique in the forms and protocol they use.  This is why it is important for you to be represented by us at!   For all your Real Estate needs go to

Forms used by HUD in Ohio including Cincinnati areas are:


HUD-9548 (Sales Contract)


Electronic Filling Form


HUD-06-24 ML “For Your Protection” Home Inspection


HUD-9548D Owner Occupant Certification


Purchaser’s Rights and Responsibilities


Forfeiture of Earnest Money Addendum


Closing Date Extension Addendum

HUD-9548E Radon Gas and Mold Notice and Release Agreement

Incentives for HUD Homes Sales

Inspection Addendum to Sales Contract

Notice to Purchaser Addendum to Sales Contract

Extension Request Form (OH)

Some of the rules for buying HUD homes in Cincinnati include:

You can ask HUD to pay some of your closing costs but it will decrease the bottom line of your bid therefore making it less competitive. 


Offers can be contingent on inspections although HUD may require you to pay a deposit for the utilities to be turned on for inspections.  This would only occur after your bid has been accepted.   HUD allows 15 days after contract acceptance for inspections


HUD gives you 45 days to close after contract acceptance.  Extensions may be granted with a $150 fee paid to HUD.


Once an offer has been accepted electronically HUD must receive original signed documents including a copy of the earnest money check within 48 hours so you will be responsible for an overnight mailing charge at this point.


Earnest money can only be returned with permission from HUD


HUD does not make notification of rejected bids or make counter offers.  Only accepted bids are posted.


HUD will not directly finance any of these purchases.  You must arrange your own financing or have cash.


Some HUD homes are offer first only to owner occupant buyers before investors are allowed to bid on them.


Only A licensed agent with a NAID# and HUD keys can give you access to the inside of a HUD home.  We can do this for you.


Everyone is looking for the best deals available on homes.  These deals are available right now through  Foreclosures, REO’s, re-possessed homes are all names for the same thing.  REO stands for “real estate owned” as in owned again by the bank that made the loan.  The best way to take advantage of the huge savings is right here, buying a HUD home through Cincinnati


For questions or to make a bid call or email us today 721-LAND(5263)

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